Steve Ballmer Is Driving Microsoft Off a Cliff

Steve Ballmer

Waiting for that third envelope.

The Seattle Weekly takes a critical look at the tenure of the man who took over for Bill Gates.

As Apple innovates and surges, Microsoft…well…isn’t. They still make a lot of money, but from their legacy products like Windows and Office.


Nitro PDF announces reader beta

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF has announced a beta of its new, very cool looking PDF reader app.

No mention of a Mac version.

Warnock and Geschke on Apple’s “walled garden”

John Warnock and Chuck Geschke

Adobe founders John Warnock and Chuck Geschke have posted a statement on the Adobe website.

Have to side with Adobe on this one.

Apple Submits Patent for CMY Display

Apple has filed for a patent on a new display that would use “subtractive filters” to create a CMY display for designers.

color gamut diagram

Goodbye iPhone, Hello Android

Mike Chambers on Flash CS5, the iPhone, and Android.

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InDesign CS5 to Flash CS5

Paul Trani has posted a short and sweet demo of what it looks like to take interactive content from InDesign CS5 to Flash CS5:

Using InDesign CS5 Content in Flash CS5 from Paul Trani on Vimeo.

InDesign to Flash

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InDesign CS5: Span/Split Columns

One of the more compelling features in InDesign CS5 is the Span/Split columns feature. It’s a setting that enables a paragraph to span multiple columns in a text frame. Not only that, the feature enables you to split columns of text into multiple sub-columns. This feature is an enormous time saver for a whole lot of layout artists.

However, there are a couple gotchas and limitations in the first iteration of this feature.

See the movie below for the details.

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Body Type 2

Back when I had a blog at Adobe, I did a post on Ina Saltz’s great book, Body Type.

Ina has since delivered a sequel to the first book:

Body Text 2 cover

Every InDesigner should also have a look at Ina’s book on tattoo-less typography.

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Gone in a Flash…

Apple modifies the iPhone OS4 SDK Developer Agreement in a Flash-unfriendly way.

The iPhone OS4 Keynote is here.

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