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This ain’t Word

You must check out these InDesign wrap artists…

This ain't Word...

See if you can spot the best line in this entertaining and inspirational video on typography in InDesign.


Clean-up query set for Multi-Find/Change

Martinho da Gloria has posted a free text clean-up query set for his Multi-Find/Change plug-in for InDesign CS4 and CS5.

This set contains the following Find/Change Queries:
  • Three Dots to Ellipse (GREP Query): Replaces three consecutive dots (period, full-stop) by the Ellipse character.
  • Remove Leading Spaces and Tabs (GREP Query): Removes all the different types of space characters and tabs at the start of a paragraph.
  • Remove Trailing Spaces and Tabs (GREP Query): Removes all the different types of space characters and tabs at the end of a paragraph.
  • Multiple Tab to Single Tab (GREP Query): Replaces any occurrence of consecutive tabs by a single tab.

Multi-Find/Change Now Available for Purchase

Martinho da Gloria’s Multi-Find/Change plug-in for InDesign CS4 and CS5 is now available for purchase at his website.

Seriously, if you massage and manhandle a lot of text in your daily InDesign life, and if you’re forever popping in and out of InDesign’s Find/Change dialog, this plug-in will save you a whole lot of time, effort, and errors.

If you haven’t seen it, the best way to quickly sum up the plug-in is like an iTunes playlist for your Find/Change queries. You can run lists of Find/Change operations in batches for text clean-up and anything else you like to do with InDesign’s Find/Change feature.

Adobe product expert Cari “InDesign Dundee” Jansen also did nice video demo for Martinho.

InDesign CS5: Span/Split Columns

One of the more compelling features in InDesign CS5 is the Span/Split columns feature. It’s a setting that enables a paragraph to span multiple columns in a text frame. Not only that, the feature enables you to split columns of text into multiple sub-columns. This feature is an enormous time saver for a whole lot of layout artists.

However, there are a couple gotchas and limitations in the first iteration of this feature.

See the movie below for the details.

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Body Type 2

Back when I had a blog at Adobe, I did a post on Ina Saltz’s great book, Body Type.

Ina has since delivered a sequel to the first book:

Body Text 2 cover

Every InDesigner should also have a look at Ina’s book on tattoo-less typography.

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