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Edit, Translate, And Review Your InDesign Documents In A Web Browser

After 10+ years working for Adobe as an InDesign/InCopy evangelist, I’m now working for an Adobe partner called 1io.

What We Do

1io develops a web browser based collaborative workflow solution called one2edit for editing, translating, and reviewing live InDesign documents. It’s a way of putting the actual InDesign document in a user’s web browser instead of trying to turn them into fully trained InDesign and InCopy users, or instead of passing dozens of PDF, text, or XML files around via email for editing, comment and review. People involved in these collaborative processes are often MS Office people who need an easy, efficient way to perform these editing, translation and review tasks. They don’t want or need to become InDesign or InCopy users.

one2edit editor web application

This is a screen shot of an InDesign document in one2edit's web editor application.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how to clean up, streamline, and reduce the costs of your editing, translation and review workflows for your InDesign documents, and achieve a 40 to 60% reduction in those process costs, give one2edit a look. You can arrange a demo with me.

For printers and developers, one2edit has extensive RESTful APIs for integration with back-end asset management systems, ordering, and other workflow systems to create web2print products.

In my next few posts will be about one2edit product features and benefits for editors, translators, reviewers, and online document template users.



Essential InDesign Add-ons: MultiFindChange

Martinho da Gloria of Automatication in New Zealand produces some extremely useful scripts for InDesign. Martinho authored the fabulous LayoutZone script that turns InDesign page elements into linked InDesign files that can be edited outside of the parent document.

Martinho’s upcoming release, MultiFindChange, is an essential bit of gear for anyone who regularly works with text files of any size…dirty text files that are emitted by people or algorithms that just don’t understand the first thing about what a layout artist needs in a text file…text that needs to be cleaned up with multiple Find & Change operations to remove extra spaces, carriage returns, straight quotes, fix calendar dates, etc.

Multi-Find/Change main features:

  • Manage Find/Change queries in sets (folders)
  • Exports set into a self contain file (xml)
  • Import set (from xml file)
  • Share set (xml file) over network.
  • Easy way to backup queries
  • Adds comments to query files
  • Renames query files
  • Deletes query files
  • Load query into InDesign Find/Change editor


  • Adobe InDesign CS4 (Mac or Windows).
  • Adobe InCopy CS4 (Mac or Windows).
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